School’s Out, Summer Fun – Professor’s Gone Wild!

So many folks have asked in the past 3 weeks, “So school’s out…? What are you doing with your vacation.” Well to tell you the truth, when school’s out, after a short time off, the REAL work begins. There’s no way to be successful as a faculty member without two things 1) a plan; and 2) students. Making sure that students get to college and are prepared to be successful is a true joy that I have. It’s often what I spend my evenings, weekends, and summer (vacations) doing. This year,the first such activity for my summer break was with the Uplift Education‘s summer bridge program. Bridge programs are an imperative part of the educational pipeline and the “road to college” for ALL students whether first generation college students or students with long legacy of post-secondary education.

My colleagues and I had just a great time with the two groups of Uplift students this morning. We discussed why it’s important to be engaged inside and outside of the classroom in order to be a successful student. We also discussed some of the fallacy’s about college success that really help us understand the difference between high school and college. Some of the students were really surprised when I suggested that even though they’ve been doing it much of their life, they really don’t know how to read – at least not reading to be successful in college.

Do you know how to read?

Click the link above to read the post about college reading, or visit for more tips on reading, time management and other suggestions for success as an undergraduate and graduate student.

If your program is interested in summer bridge workshops or workshops to help the students in your school, church or community organization prepare for college success send me an email (using the form below), tweet or facebook message. I can’t wait to work with you to create success!


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