There’s Always a New First Time (The First Day)

So, I was sleeping until I woke up for no reason at 2:47 AM.

Didn’t have to go to the bathroom or anything. Laying in bed, I checked my phone and had received a message from a friend with a sneak peak of a blog post he was going to make public today. J. Wiggins is one of my dearest and most talented friends. They say that “Familiarity breeds contempt,” yet I know this dude’s government (read: birth name on government documents) and he’s heard me say things I’d turn red about if repeated in public, yet he never ceases to inspire and amaze me. He fascinates me, and shows me things about my self as a person and professional that make me better.

His most recent post helped me explore some aspects of humility I’ve been struggling with, and also, helped me understand why I’ve been anxious about the beginning of this term. I haven’t been nervous about the first day of school since 5th grade when I moved in the middle of the year. It was the one and only time I EVER remember being nervous. Yet…

“So, I was sleeping until I woke up for no reason at 2:47. Didn’t have to go to the bathroom or anything. Laying in bed, checked my phone and you’d sent me the link to this post.

First, thanks for the “sneak peak.” Second, get out of my damn business with your lessons in humility! Third, I can’t believe I get to both know you and call you friend. God’s got something special going with you dude. 

Thank you for sharing with me. I realize now why I was up at 2:47 AM…today’s the first day of the semester. The first day of the second semester of me being a full time professor. Last term I was too swamped with being “new” to be nervous. Yet after a semester of the many of the students enjoying how I engage them in my classroom, and the administration responding to my request to teach two new and different classes based on student interest, I realize that I’m at a new level. After more than a decade of teaching what I’ve been doing won’t be good enough. Figuratively, they’re lined up outside my storefront, based on word of mouth, and I hope the first ones in don’t tell the others to just go on home. They’ve shown up, and I hope to God it’s worth it.”

Blog Vibes: Someone That I Used to Know by Luke Conrad; Diced Pineapples by Rick Ross; Do You by Miguel; Too Close by Alex Care;


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